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Getting Started
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Loading A Search Results File

When you start NetViz a dialog box should be open asking you at specify the file you would like to load. The file that you are loading is a search result. The search files where generated with Inquizit's ( technology thus they end with the extension "iqz".

What Do The Visual Representations Represent

The yellow spheres represent concepts. The size (volume) of the spheres is proportional to the connectivity. The luminosity of the spheres is representative of their relevance to the original query.

The blue cylinders represent documents. The length of each cylinder is proportional the the length of the documents in bytes. The luminosity is representative of the documents relevance to the query.

Although you can not see them yet, the green cylinders represent the extracts within each documents. The size and position of the green cylinders is indicative of the extract's size and position within the document. The luminosity of the extract is representative of it's relevance.

Interacting with the Visualization

Most of the interaction with this visualization is accomplished though the mouse. You can move the mouse overtop of the concepts (yellow spheres) or the documents (blue cylinders) to get more information about them. [[ This version does not include the pop-up information that was seen in earlier version. It probably should I just have not had enough time since I was planning on redoing it. ]] When you move overtop of a visual element after a second or two of delay you will see the first level association highlighted for you. When you move the mouse off of a visual element the associations will return make to normal. To maintain the focus on a visual element just click the mouse once on the element -- a red box will them appear and the focus will remain until you click once to remove the focus.

If you double click on a document or an extract you will see the associated web page appear in a browser. A new browser will appear for each document/extract that you view.

You can change the orientation of the whole visualization by holding down the right mouse button and dragging around the mouse.

More Complex Interaction...

See the section on the Reactive Layout features of the application by clicking here.


Houston B & Jacobson Z.  (2000)  A Simple 3D Visual Text Retrieval Interface.  NATO VMM 2000 Workshop Proceedings.  (pdf)

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